Local Lodge History

A History of Little Prince Lodge #79

On a Thursday evening on May 12th 1892 a group of men met in a building located at 7th Street and Lafayette Avenue in Moundsville, WV, to form a new Knights of Pythias Lodge Hall.

Past Grand Chancellor Sam Farris was present. In the chair was B.W Connelly, Grand Chancellor; A. Delong, Inner Guard; John Smith, Prelate and John G. Haverfield, Keeper of Records and Seal.

After a few remarks by Grand Chancellor Connelly it was decided to ballot on all candidates in a body. There being 19 in all present, they were duly elected.

It was also decided by Grand Chancellor Connelly that the officers be elected before the work of conferring the degree began

E.D. Simpson, Past Chancellor; Bruce Wake, Chancellor Commander; Joseph Manning, Vice Chancellor; Charles S. Riggs, Prelate; Charles S. Riggs, Keeper of Records and Seal; J.W. Defter, master of Exchequer; D.A. Griffin, Master of Finance; D.F. Potts, Master at Arms; James Rulong, Inner Guard and C. Garvin, Outer Guard.

After the following candidates were initiated: Charles N. Simpson, B.O. Tomlinson, Scott Littleton, Charles S. Riggs, William Leonard, S.T. Allison, L.H. Leach, John W. Defter, E.D. Simpson, W.W. Wade, J.A. Manning, D.F. Potts, A.J. Sheff, C. Garvin and Bruce Wade.

Chartered Lodge

The Charter of Little Prince Lodge #79 was received at a regular meeting of the lodge on October 12th 1892. The minutes of this meeting makes no mention of any ceremony for the presentation of the Charter.

The original charter signed in 1892 is still proudly framed and on display in the meeting room of the Castle Hall. It contains the names of the 20 charter members. The charter also bears the signatures of 8 Grand Lodge officers. This original charter is still ceremoniously draped for a period of 30 upon notification of the death of any active members.

Castle Hall

In 1919 Charles Spoon was Chancellor Commander, R.D. Frankhauser was secretary and B.L. Lowe was president of the trustees, the members passed a motion to sell $20,000 of bonds to purchase the building at 604 Tomlinson Avenue.

The lodge room, meeting room and kitchen are located on the 3rd floor. The 2nd floor was utilized as rental apartment for several decades, as was the first floor which housed professional offices, including dentist, medical doctors and others.

In 2010 Little Prince Lodge #79 agreed to sell the building to the City of Moundsville with the understanding that as long as the lodge was chartered they would continue to occupy the 3rd floor. The Moundsville Police Department now occupies the bottom floor of the castle hall.